Vast Network

CBC is comprised of approximately 200 independently owned and operated companies (of which 159 offices are stand-alone Coldwell Banker Commercial offices) and more than 3,000 professionals worldwide.

Our affiliates work independently under the Coldwell Banker core values. In Romania only we have over 120 honest agents available for you and these professionals have concluded deals in over 45 locations in the country.

Global Footprint
With affiliate companies in over 40 countries, CBC has one of the largest geographic footprints in today's commercial real estate marketplace.
Local Expertise

Leaders in their local communities, CBC affiliates have the knowledge and connections necessary to ensure all client needs are met. Whether you are looking for a commercial space for sale or a commercial space for lease, our experts will help find you the perfect property.

We've done our job diligently in over 45 locations across Romania. In brief, facts on our local expertise:

  • Over 8,500 valuable opinions. Assets are part of our Clients' capital, we value it with care;
  • Over 800,000 sq.m. of property sold. We are market leaders and aim to keep the approach of "agency of choice" when property is on the radar;
  • Over 600,000 sq.m. of property managed by our managers. Were facing, on daily basis, the challenges of keeping portfolios of properties in excellent terms. For our clients.